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Near-Site Direct Patient Care

MyISOCare's Near-Site DPC  offers Direct Patient Care  at a Near-Site clinic,

allowing for an in-person Doctor/Patient Relationship.

Virtual DPC  is included in this plan all for a low Per Member/Per Month fee.



Providing an Enhanced

Doctor/Patient Relationship

The utilization of the Near-Site DPC  Plan offers both Virtual Care appointments via phone, text or email as well as Near-Site visits.

MyISOCare offers Near-Site visits when additional services are needed or an in-person visit with a physician or specialist is required. The in-person visit will offer a full assessment providing all necessary testing and evaluations needed.

After your visit, appropriate steps are

taken to treat your condition or to

provide any follow up care. 

Per Member Per Month

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($100.00 One-time Enrollment Fee)

* Near-Site DPC  is not available in all locations.
Please contact to inquire about the location
nearest you, or for more information.





(0-18 years $39.00)

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